round three - knit VS sews blanket roundup

time for round 3 ladies!!! let's get those gloves up to fight it out for - blankets! yummy, cozy & comfy, warm, inviting and oh so delicious blankets filled with snuggling power! whether it's knit, sewn or quilted, made of cotton, wool, fleece or minky, i'll take a good blanket any way i can get it. i think i'm tied on this one folks. i'm always cold & so when i'm wrapped up in any kind of blankie i am one happy girl! what about you? make sure to get your vote in, every opinion counts :)

ding, ding, ding......let round three begin...


(all the knitting patterns below are located mostly located on ravelry for convenience. if you aren't a member of ravelry, it's free - you must join - it rocks! if you are already a member or do join, you can friend me here



ok, the referee has rung the bell and it's time to score the round....enter your vote in the poll below. the poll is open till october 28th, 2010. happy boxing!

(ok, for some reason html is not my friend today and the stinkin' poll is not showing up even though it should, so if you want to vote, please, please, click on the link and vote directly on the poll. thanks guys!) - link to vote for poll

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what side did you vote for? what blanket/quilt pattern is your favorite to make? got a pic of it? leave a link below - we all wanna see!