round four - comfy sews VS cozy knits clothes & hats roundup

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today is the last round for comfy sews & cozy knits to battle it out in the ring. i'm sad, but also excited. it's been so much fun organizing all of this and i cannot wait to see who is going to win. this week's round started out as pillows...i got bored..haha. no offense to pillows, but my mind is on clothes at the moment. maybe it's because i've been on the hunt for cozy & comfy clothes for the winter.

after vetoing pillows i kept finding myself leaning towards cardigans. i wear a cardigan almost everyday, unless of course it's 32degrees. i think cardigans are an essential staple to any girl's wardrobe. so i started digging and then cardigans turned into clothes and then of course - hats, and since there a gazillion tutorials/patterns out there here are some of my personal faves. so here you's a tough one. i think i'm tied this time round...again :)




(all the knitting patterns below are located mostly located on
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ok, the referee has rung the bell and it's time to score the round....enter your vote in the poll below. the poll is open till november 3rd, 2010. happy boxing!

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what do you guys think? who's it gonna be? comfy sews or cozy knits? the match is on! have you all been having as much fun as i have? would you like to see this box off once a year? i'd love to hear your thoughts! come say hi!