City Cowl Vs. Country Cowl Patterns by Guest Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest

whenever i'm in need of a little inspiration whether it be knitting, sewing or crocheting i head over to the aesthetic nest. anneliese has been here before and i love having her guest post. i also love emailing her to whine and share in the joys of mommyhood. she's got 3 gorgeous girls, one of which is a new baby & she still manages to paint, craft, create and throw a darn cute party!

so when you need to stare and drool at some eye candy, find a new project, get inspired and just sit in awe go say hi to anneliese. tell her i sent you and give her a virtual high five for being such a fab mom! but be prepared to want to get out your hooks, needles or sewing machines because for sure you will leave the aesthetic nest with a need to create something handmade.

now let's hear from anneliese.....

Nothing makes my day like an email from Shannon at luvinthemommyhood, and the one titled, "You're gonna hate me..." was no different. I was laughing before the text even loaded on my screen! It didn't disappoint. Shannon was inviting me to participate in a quintessential Fall battle: to sew or to knit?

Of course I couldn't pass it up! She had me instantly. But picking sides was another story.

Call me wishy-washy. Call me conflicted. This is my dilemma every Fall. I am shocked out of my summer projects by cooler weather and the realization that, yet again, I didn't get a jump on things. So then the question is whether to hurry and crank out some sewing or settle in to a knitted project? Do I invest the time in the luxury of a handknit and hope for one or two completed this season? Or do I satisfy my compulsion to cross more things off my list by sewing steadily through the months? There's nothing more frustrating than being forced to chose between two great things!

Well, I usually try to do both. And so it is with this battle. I do kinda hate Shannon ;-) because I have not one, but two projects I'm submitting! Too hard for me to pick, so I'll let you: do you sew a "City Cowl" or knit a "Country Cowl"?

Here is what you should consider. The City Cowl is sleek and a bit sophisticated in the skin print (zebra velboa). It adds some comfy warmth but maintains a bit of an edge.

If you want to really go for the glamorous look it is generous enough (17"x40") to pull up over your head. Perfect for a walk to the office, or the mailbox!

Wear it over a sweater or as an accessory to your tailored coat. It's not too bulky to tuck in around your neck and easier to manage than a scarf if you're running around town.

But, then there is the knitted Country Cowl: Put it on and it feels like the weekend. It makes you just want to snuggle into the couch and slow down. Who doesn't need that? It's like wearing a big hug. And its chunky yarn, rolled edges and textural pattern make a big handknit impact without the commitment a sweater requires.

Plus, I've included a knitted drawcord to up its versatility. Weave it through the holes and you can wear it a bunch of different ways. It can be funky, vintage country, such as this layered sweater collar...

...or cinched under your chin country-Victorian...

...or cinched a bit looser, which may be my favorite.

Both cowls are pretty easy and won't take too much time away from the rest of your to-do list. Decided or not, you can find the full tutorials over at my blog, Aesthetic Nest.

Thanks to Shannon I can have my cowl both ways this Fall--sewn and knit. I guess I'm luvin it!

thanks so much anneliese! i'm so glad i "kinda" made you hate me...hahaha. love the cowls and can't wait to try them out! giant hugs to you my dear!

you can find anneliese on her
blog and on ravlery.