moments in the mommyhood - i just couldn't resist

this is how my daughter looked when i picked her up from preschool yesterday. yes, that is my kid. not an avatar..haha. there were no butterfly cheeks, or hearts just paint...everywhere. i was quite taken aback. there is something about her face painted that weirds me out. she just doesn't look like my kid and i can't help but stare at her in awe. her teacher said mackenzie was proud of her face painting and spent most of the class working on her own face. mackenzie asked me to take pictures of her when we got home and luckily upon seeing them asked to have a bath..haha.

it was hard to do her paint job justice. it was her on her neck, hair, arms clothes etc...and hopefully not my car, clothes, carpet :( it was one of those moment's this week that was too adorable not to post. she also said this one liner to me the other day when we were, as normal, running late for something. i had asked her to help me carry something and she turned & looked at me with her hands on her hips, a 13 year old trapped in a 3 year olds eye roll and said "mom, just HOW many arms do you think i have...i'm not an octopus!". i just about died laughing. picture rachel zoe saying it and you'll get the idea of the inflection she used. priceless.

we've also been out seeing a lot of this......

and a lot of rain, wind storms, and a random huge pumpkins growing on the side of the road - only in canada i tell ya!

in other news, one of my favorite times of year is upon us - handmade holidays on! love it! i bookmark it every year and use it as handy reference even when it isn't xmas. i was over the moon, jig dancing and squealing with delight when the lovely ladies from sewmamasew asked if i would jump on board and help them find all the lovely tutorials (along with gabrien & georgia) that make up the month of november on their wonderful blog. ummmm, hello, of course i would!!!! so here's lil'ol me's board member introduction (see my pretty badge on the sidebar) pop on over and check it out. it's a mini interview with me. oh, and get ready for handmade's gonna be a good one! i promise!

what are your plans for halloween? any ghoulish activities planned? hope you all have a spooooky weekend filled with ghosts, goblins, costumes and of course as my daughter likes to say "fairy princess unicorns"!

p.s. for all you victoria folk, i'll be on c-fax 1070 tomorrow morning at 10:30am (PST) on "real parenting" with amy bronee dishing the dirt on "make-it yourself moms". if you aren't local, check out my about me page next week and you can find all my radio segments on there.