Fun Funky Fleece Hat Tutorial with Guest Kelly from Sewing In No Mans Land

i hope you all had a wonderful halloween weekend! we've got our last guest tutorial for you all today and it's coming from the lovely and talented kelly of the blog "sewing in no mans land". kelly joined us a few months ago and shared a great tutorial for the perfect dress to wear post baby or anytime for that matter. you can find the tutorial for the "sunshine, daisies, bottom mellow dress" here.

if you haven't been to kelly's blog yet, go check it out. it's filled with fun sewing tutorials for little boys, little girls (kelly is a busy mom to 2 boys & 1 girl) and women, creative crafts and gorgeous photography (kelly is a professional photographer). the thing i love the most about "sewing in no man's land" is the "the deal" page. click here to find out what is so unique about this fab blog! trust me, it's great :)

thanks for being part of the mommyhood kelly and thanks again for the rockin' coffee you sent me - you're the sweetest :)

now let's hear from kelly...

Happy weekend ladies!!! Kelly here from Sewing In No Mans Land. I am sooo excited to be here at luvinthemommyhood. I have been drooling over all the fun knits and sewn items all month and begged Shannon to give me a turn in the ring. Now, out with the truth, I am a sewer who desperately wishes she was a knitter. There, I said it. BUT I cannot for the life of me figure out how. So, I figure if you can't join 'em beat right? Uh oh that's the envy talkin', better move on. I don't know if the mantra "when mama ain't happy ain't no body happy" is true in your house but in our house it goes a little something like "if mommas havin' fun everyone's havin' fun" and there is a hat in particular that signals to my kiddos that we are about to have some fun! I call it the Fun Funky Fleece Hat.

It is so easy to sew and even more fun to wear!

I particularly like to make them in {team} colors. When I made Finn one for our university's homecoming he ended up on the front of the newspaper AND the school's homepage:

So if you are lookin' for some giggles from your cuties come on over to Sewing In No Mans Land and learn how to whip up the Fun Funky Fleece Hat, it's a TKO haaa! Oh I'm a nerd!

happy hat making folks! so cute! stay tuned this week for a fabulous new giveaway tomorrow, the announcement of the winners for the "magpie patterns giveaway" and the "ysolda teague giveaway" and also, yes, that's right, the winner of "comfy sews VS cozy knits"....who's it gonna be? i'll also be putting all the links and fun stuff from the whole month into one handy post. i hope you have all enjoyed my little theme month and i can't wait to do the next one. i'm planning on not just doing it once a year but possible a spring/summer match and a fall/winter one - it was just that fun for me :)

what was your fave part of "comfy sews VS cozy knits" month? did you make any of the tutorials we had in october? i'd love to see what you made! leave a comment below with the link if you did - it's fun to share :)