Comfy Sews VS Cozy Knits - The Movie!!!

yes, i know, i am a loser...haha. yes, i made a movie. it's a movie about two different types of needles boxing and yes, i know they are not real. when i first decided to do comfy sews VS cozy knits month i knew i was going to make a video and i knew it was going to be cheesy, but hey, you guys all know i like cheese right? i had planned on doing a different type of animation, but the hubs has been studying, i am solo with the girls and time just didn't cooperate, but don't worry, i still luv it. i may be the only one out there who laughs at it, and if that's the case i blame it solely on the lack of sleep and not my mental clarity. so, without further late night masterpiece.

what do you think? am i nutso or have i just spent too many nights dreaming about comfy sews VS cozy knits projects? if you did happen to enjoy it, please share. i would love to know i am sane..haha. regardless, i hope it brought a smile to your face, or at least made you forget the 6 piles of laundry you have to fold, the diapers you need to change and the dishes you need to wash...if even for a few minutes. i know i did :)