comfy sews VS. cozy knits month!!!

i've been bursting at the seams with excitement for what i've got planned for this month on the blog. i've been finding myself daydreaming about all the cozy and comfy things i could be making for my home & for myself this fall and thought hey....why not make a theme of it? at first i thought just knitting. the idea of a month of warm hand knit blankets and slippers sounded great but then i realized quilted ones are just as warm and so are sewn slippers. hmmmm......i just kept going round and round. which one should i do....maybe both? i figured i couldn't be the only one confused and torn between our two friends? so in order to decide what things we should make this fall to stay toasty how about a......showdown of sorts? let me introduce you to

comfy sews VS. cozy knits month!

in the left hand corner we have comfy.
- she loves being at home, snug as a bug in a rug, all wrapped up in her favorite handmade quilt. she's notorious for sewing up the most fantastic winter coats and scarfs and is never seen in the fall without a stylish hat. her sewn knits are layered and fabulously finished and she changes out her cotton throw pillows for rich velvets and fleece every year. her friends are always teasing her and calling her martha...she takes it for a compliment and secretly aspires to become the maven of craft.

in the right hand corner we have cozy.
- her bamboo needles have become her fave accessory. they are worn with love and so are her fingers. she spends most evenings cuddled in her fave corner of the couch, with a cable knit afghan, woolly slippers, cushy cardigan, her grandma's treasured needles & the softest of organic yarns. she dreams of one day learning how to spin & finally designing all the patterns floating in her head.

so which side are you cheering for? comfy or cozy? sewing or knitting? or are you confused and stuck in the middle like me? i've got some super fun roundups planned where we will have some showdowns, polls, link ups and all sorts of fun. no matter who the winner is, you'll be sure to have a whole bevvy of projects to add to your must make fall list. so grab your tix ladies, they are free, pick a seat and let's watch the show....popcorn is included...and heck why not throw in a beer too!

don't forget to sport our fun button (grab it off of our sidebar)! feel free to tweet, facebook or even post about this month's theme - the more the merrier and of course, the more accurate our matches will be. leave me a comment below letting me know you did so i can come say hi.