moments in the mommyhood - oh barbie, you're so crafty!

we had a barbie marathon in our house yesterday.  the house was out, the car, the clothes galore and as we were playing with our dolls i had so many flashbacks to when i played barbies.  each time i pulled out another outfit i remembered how much i had treasured each one.  why?  because most of my barbies rockin' outfits were handmade by my mom and my nana.  lovingly stitched, knitted and crocheted to up the style factor for my barbies.

I would so totally wear this!
it was so much fun to go through all the goodies my mom recently brought that she had saved for the girls.  i know barbie gets a bad rap most of the time but honestly, i only have the fondest memories of playing with mine.  hours and hours spent styling their hair and their outfits.  mackenzie has been bit by the same bug.  we had so much fun picking out the outfits for our little barbie photoshoot to share with you today.  she was also in charge of the hairstyles and arrangement of outfits. so take a peek and see what barbie's wearing this week!

So adorable!!
I want this outfit for myself!!
Gotta have jeans & a classic scarf!
Not sure if this one was handmade but it was one of my faves as a little girl!
Which barbie collection is complete without a bridal ensemble!
I love the detail work on the veil, dress and even the bouquet!
How trendy is this!
Every girl needs some lingerie!
and some fancy robes!
Clothes to relax in...
clothes to stay cozy in...

and clothes to stay glamorous in!
This one cracks me up!
Accessories to play with!
Can't forget barbies bathing suits!
Even barbie can rock a track suit!
The retro green dress was one of my fave to dress barbie in and I just about died when I found this sun hat & matching ensemble!  What a cool way to make a hat!
so there you have it!  our picks for this season for our barbies!  fun right?!  i love it!  i totally lmao while doing this and if i had had my way i would have done a full on posed barbie shoot but i think the hubs and you guys would have thought i had gone off the deep end....but seriously, it was sooo hard to resist...barbie was such a great easy to pose and take pics  so thank you to my mom, nana and the other talented women my mom may have bought these off of at a bazaar, i appreciate and cherish every single item!  so fab!

do you have handmade outfits for your barbies that you adore?  do you have fun dressing them up with your kids?  c'mon...fess up....i'm not alone am i?????