summer sweater knit along - yarn shop hop!

 so we've had a post on choosing your yarns but what about buying them?  if any of you are like me yarn shopping is super fun but it can also be intimidating.  depending on the environment, the staff, the ambiance and of course the price all these things can affect what and how you choose your yarn.

in our ravelry group thread for the summer sweater knit along we've been discussing what our fave online shops are for picking up lovely & yummy yarns for great prices so we decided a fun post would be in order so we can all weigh in on our faves!

so my questions to all you folks are......

1)  what is your favorite online yarn shop to buy from?

2) do you buy from large online retailers or small etsy shops?

3) do you prefer to buy online or in a brick/mortar shop?

4) what is your favorite brick/mortar shop to splurge in?

5) where is your go to place for super deals on scrumptious yarns?

Source: via bprinz on Pinterest

i was going to do a poll up but it didn't work right for the questions so i thought you guys could leave me a comment answering the questions you would like to and i'll lovingly compile them all into a great post next week with resources for all our fave places to feed our habit :P

on a separate note i couldn't resist showing you all one of the first completed sweaters from our summer sweater knit along.  this one comes from the talented knitter & sewer - sandra from the blog three pumkins little.  you can see her post on her KAL project here and find her ravelry page here.  the sweater pattern she did was the gorgeous "narrangasett" by designer thea colman.  don't you think she did a fabulous job! so stunning!  i'm so in love with all the warm and cozy tones in her pics as well.  fabulous job sandra!  she's already on her 2nd sweater for the KAL! you go girl!

i don't know about you ladies but i'm always up for finding a new yarn let's get hopping and let's get shopping!!  

*all conversations about the KAL can be found in our luvinthemommyhood ravelry group thread here.  you can find all the previous KAL posts here.  it's never too late to join in!  you can also friend me on under luvinthemommyhooddon't forget to email me if you blog about your KAL project, i love seeing how yours is going.

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