Book Review - Little Crochet: Modern Designs for Babies and Toddler

have you always wanted to start crocheting? do you crochet but are in need of some inspiration? oh my goodness, just wait till you get a peek at the new book by crafter extraordinaire linda permann - little crochet: modern designs for babies and toddlers! to say that i love this book is an understatement. it will be treasured in my home. i can't stop looking at it and marveling over it's loveliness!

the patterns are modern, fresh, fun and timeless. some of them i even had to look twice at to see if it really was crochet!

linda walks you effortlessly through the tools and pattern essentials needed to crochet. i loved that she even has a section on how to pick/choose yarn for crochet and also how to decipher all the different gauges for knitting to use for crochet. she even includes a handy section on making garments fit for your baby that is invaluable. i learned a lot from this section and her schematics. this alone is well worth reading.

the patterns outlined in the book range from items for the nursery, to clothes and gifts. i cannot even begin to choose a favorite. i want to make the whole book. seriously. not joking here. a friend and i have toyed with making each and every project (rebecca..wink wink). a bit loony, i know, but i just love it that much.

i don't remember the last time i was so inspired to crochet. i feel the need to rethink all garments and imagine them in crochet instead of knit/sewn. it's a wonderful feeling and my hooks are looking a lot more cheerful around these parts.

so what are you waiting for? now is the time to start crocheting ladies. it's fun, fast, EASY and oh so stylish! this ain't your grannies crochet anymore! any mom or child would be lucky to have any gift or item from this book. there are many items in the book that are suitable for either a boy or girl. in fact she was inspired to write this book for her nephew.

a big thank you to linda permann for constantly inspiring me with all her wonderful crafty endeavors and for writing little crochet. it honestly is one of my favorite books. you rock linda! linda has also written one of my other fave crochet books - crochet adorned:reinvent your wardrobe with crocheted accents, embellishments and trim. you can find all things linda permann here...

do you crochet? what's your favorite thing/pattern to crochet? have you always wanted to learn? i hope this book inspires you to try a new craft! let's talk crochet ladies!