moments in the mommyhood - running behind

i'm running behind. the hours seem to be slipping by faster than normal lately. my baby is turning one on saturday. now that didn't just slip by it friggin time warped right by me. i've been trying to catch up on a lot of loose ends around here. i'm behind on my emails to some of you (sorry about that), i'm very behind (meaning i haven't even started) on my kids clothes week challenge at all - i'm sad to say i don't think i'm going to make it. oh well, next year right? i have 2 more roundups to do for y'all for comfy sews VS cozy knits but i've just been feeling...well....creative. i've been sewing and knitting instead of hunting the internet. you guys forgive me right? i promise the closure to the spring/summer edition for versus will be up soon :)

sometimes i just hit a wall and all i want is time to craft. and sleep. ahhhh sleep. the teething monster has hit our house again. here come the sleepless nights filled with constant boob feedings. thank god for project runway reruns. they are my old standby at night. any of you being stalked by the teething monster too? damn him! (join our conversation on FB about this too!) to top it off my coffee machine is broken. so now i'm sleepless and coffeeless. the hubs compared me to a gargoyle and a werewolf this romantic..not. one of my FB readers so aptly and hilariously compared us to "zombie mommies, every last one of us. We don't want brains, we want coffee... ". made my day. thanks melissa!

so this is where i'm left feeling today. like i need a nap. and a fairy sewmother to come finish my tutorial for "free pattern month" and the coffee gods to come and whoosh a brand new coffee maker into my kitchen...pronto :) so here's to camillia (to beat off the teething monster), starbucks frappuccino deals (to beat off the coffee withdrawl monster) and to crossing my fingers i've been a good enough girl that the sleep fairy comes to visit to help my baby and i get a few non breastfeeding hours in tonight.

what is your day in the mommyhood like today? are you beating down the teething monster? what are your tips? wanna commiserate?