It's taken almost 6 months but it's finally done....

you know when you start one of those projects that you think is going to be quick and speedy and it ends up taking foooorrreeeevvver? well, the hat i made for harper was one of those. the one that keeps nagging you in the back of your mind to just "get'er done". whenever i would pick up another project this one would call out to me "what about're not done me yet..." and it drove me friggin nuts.

it almost died a few times too. my fault completely though. i was dumb enough to bring this to knit night, not once, but twice. yep. dumb. i saved it though with thanks to a friend (rebecca) and ended up getting it done. but not without further errors...aiyaya.

i loved the way this pattern went. it was somewhat fun to knit (when i was actually knitting it) and it was a pretty neat design. i've got a soft spot for all those adorable gnome hats out there right now. when you're done the hat you have to seam up the back and i think i did such a good job doing my kitchener stitch (thanks to the videos on that i accidentally seamed my neckband onto the wrong edge!!!!! oopsie! what a pain in the butt that was! i had to take it all out again and redo it. i swear at this point i figured the hat just really was getting it's revenge back at me for ignoring it for so many months.

the pattern i used was "the stella pixie hat"(on ravelry for free) by kristen rengren from the book "vintage baby knits" and it calls for a neckband to be made and attached to the hat. i couldn't resist adding it due to this adorable red bow vintage button i picked up at a retro fair last fall. i toyed with the idea briefly of instead using the i-cord modification that sew liberated did on hers but i then went back to the neckband.

i have no idea what the yarn is. it was from deep, down in the dark place of my stash. you know the corner of the stash that you hardly look in and forget about completely? if i remember correctly, which i may not due to me being almost 34..haha, i bought this yarn when i was about 18 to make a baby sweater out of. needless to say the sweater never got completed but it's happy to have found a new home on my wee ones head. doesn't she look cute? i love to put blue on girls. so pretty!

what have you all been whipping up lately? do you have a project that is staring you down from the corner of the room that you've been ignoring and just can't seem to get done? let's chat!

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