New tutorial - The MODify Dress!!!

ohhhh...i'm so excited to share a new tutorial with you guys today! when kathleen of the super fabulous blog "grosgrain" asked me to be part of free pattern month i literally squealed! i thought i was hallucinating when i saw her email pop up asking me to join in on! woot! woot! i'm so excited to be on one of my fave blogs!!!! it was perfect timing because i had been preparing to do something i haven't done before....make a dress for myself! that's right folks! something for ourselves. not for the kidlets. not sure about you guys but i'm always sewing for my kids or for gifts and i always seem to get put to the wayside. it's scary unknown territory for me to make a dress but i knew i had to do it. kathleen, whom I like to affectionately call "the queen of dresses" inspired me to do it. so pop on over to grosgrain and check it out! i can't wait for you all to make one too!

i've been so frustrated dress shopping lately and haven't been able to find anything that fit me right that covered the dreaded post baby bump (hate!). darn c-section :P so instead of whining and crying to my hubs and anyone else who would listen I decided to just make one. thus the modify dress was born!! i've been feeling so inspired by old movies (mostly from the 60's) lately and wanted a fun, short, mod spring dress that's simple to make and simple to "modify". this dress will give you a great base to personalize, add some pizazz too or keep modern and simple. it's flattering and can be worn a ton of different ways. lengthen it for fun or shorten it to make a tunic. sleeves. v-neck or round neck - it's up to you. add length and width to the front panel and you've got a great maternity dressa! and the best part is that there are no pieces to print out, this dress is all customizable to your own body size. so no gaping at the arms, tight boobage, or pulling on the hips. you use your measurements to create the dress that's right for you.

i'll be posting the tutorial here in the mommyhood later with a downloadable pdf that you all can print out but in the meantime head on over to check out the full tutorial here  and while you are there make sure to check out the other gorgeous patterns that have been shared this month. i mean really, look at this stuff!

also make sure to stay tuned on grosgrain for the rest of the fabulous lineup! i can't wait!!!

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what do you guys think? you likie? are you gonna make one? let's chat sewing!