paul filek - sessions in the mommyhood

i have been meaning to post some clips of one of my fave singers and friend paul filek's music here on the site for ages and finally got around to it. my beautiful sister camille and her funny hubby mike, are very close friends with paul and if you can believe a more romantic thing than this, paul played all their wedding music beach side on his guitar (even the part where we walked down the aisle) and at the reception overlooking the ocean...ahhhhh, the life of a musician.

in my life before i had a child, i was a die hard live music fan scouring the vancouver clubs for up and coming artists. i could think of very few things that i adored more than hearing that live acoustic set and feeling those wonderful goosebumps knowing i had found a new artist to covet. i miss that feeling more than i can say. there is something about seeing a musician play in a small and intimate setting that can never compare to a sold out auditorium - it's addicting. so to fill the void of my music hunting in person, i now hunt online - i just don't post about it very often. this is my mini-version of a paul filek session, except the venue is the mommyhood :)

paul is super talented, and a hilariously funny and witty guy with a big heart. paul is touring right now and if you see him coming to your town make sure to check out his live show, you won't regret it. head on over to for his tour listing, cd's, free songs and more.

(to you paul - i'll always be the jam to your peanut butter :P )

this is one of my favorite of pauls songs and one of mackenzie's. she loves singing along to this song. i personally adore the lyrics, so sweet.

only paul would wear two different shoes live on tv....

this song was written about our neighbourhood "oak bay" in victoria, bc and the mike and cami are my sis and brother in law. not too sure if all the lyrics apply to their history, but the song is funny.

rockin' the roxy

ray lamontagne (so good) and paul filek, what can be better than that?

who's your favorite musician at the moment?