newbie sewing series & a sneak peek

the response to our take on the men's shirt dress into a toddler dress (back to front) "in bloom" has been overwhelming. thank you all for your wonderful comments and lovely emails, it has meant so very much. in reading your comments, i have decided to try my hand at a new tutorial series called "newbie sewing series". yes, i called it that..he he. i figured that's what it is, so that is what it should be called. i am a newbie sewer and a newbie at writing tutorials.

i have a few new and exciting repurposing/refashioning projects on the go at the moment and hope to have them all up in the series for you to enjoy. there will be a surprise twist to the tutorials so stay tuned for that as well. hopefully i can get my hubby who actually has a few days off (miracle!) to give me a few solid hours, child free, uninterrupted (also a miracle) to get things finalized and online for all of you.

in the meantime here's a sneak peek at my newest project.

ohhh, what's it gonna be? all i have to say is i am super excited to show you and it's lots of fun to make!

what are you working on? i'd love to see!