fit friday in the mommyhood - we want to know what you think. survey & a giveaway!

after being sick all last week i had some time to lay in my misery and think about some of the features on the blog. i have some exciting things in mind for "fit fridays in the mommyhood", but would like to hear what you think about the series so far.

i know surveys and polls are a pain in the butt, we are all busy, and have a zillion things going on, but if you do have a few minutes, really, there are only 10 quick questions, i would love to know your thoughts on a few things.

around the mommyhood we strive to keep things relevant and fresh for our readers and your comments and thoughts mean a lot to me. i like to post about what i, as a mother, wife, friend, etc love to read about, am passionate about and want to hear about it in my life. i hope that these are ultimately things that are interesting to all of us in the mommyhood, cause i know i ain't alone out here :)

so pretend we all live on the same street, in the same neighbourhood called mommyhood and we are having our own little "desperate housewives", let's meet for coffee over our fences, which i am truly sure never friggin happens in real life conversation and let me pick your brain for a few minutes about how the mommyhood is looking. basically a council meeting for our own little town.

in exchange for taking our little survey, i have a wee perk to go along with it. the first 5 readers to comment on this post will get a little freebie.

iStorytime is offering a free download of their new series of narrated illustrated kids books for the iphone/itouch to the first 5 readers - thanks graham!

have you ever been waiting for dinner to be served at a restaurant with a wild child? about to get on an airplane for a long flight with kids? have your phone in your pocket? then you've got all you need to give your child a wholesome entertainment option. an, illustrated, narrated children's book that they can enjoy with you or on their own. all from the convenience of your phone. it's entertaining, its convenient, its inexpensive, its a book... in your pocket.

iStoryTime was dreamed up by fathers who are committed to their families and love to have fun, especially with technology. driven by a passion to share books with their own children, we wanted to make it possible to always have a book to read with our little ones. we are building an eclectic library of children’s books from a variety of authors and artists.

iStoryTime is the ideal combination of entertainment and education for your kids and it will make your life easier too. it provides the time honored tradition of reading children’s books with the convenience of your iPhone. instead of having to resort to movies or video games, you can feel great about the entertainment you’re providing your kids. enjoy iStoryTime, the perfect combination of education and fun.

make sure you have a way for me to contact you in your comment, as blogger does not currently enable me to automatically see your email address (so annoying) when you comment. unless you have a profile with an email address, i can't get a hold of you to let you know you won.

thank you so much for your time, we really appreciate it and we know how valuable it is.

i look forward to seeing you in the mommyhood. click below for the survey: