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fit friday in the mommyhood - kelly ripa & physiqe 57

i've written about kelly ripa before and my ongoing quest for her fab arms - man, i love her arms. she's talked and talked about her classes at the well known new york gym "physique 57". and you know we've all secretly cried inside that we don't live there and damn, how are we going to get ripped like ripa if we can't take the class?

well fear no more, physique 57 has made the quest that much easier. they have released a 3 dvd set filled with kelly ripa workouts galore! one of them is even geared solely to arms/abs. Sounds like my kind of dvd! the other 2 are a classic 57 minute full body workout and an express 30 minute full body it xmas yet? can santa send this my way? kelly are you listening? physique 57 can you hear me? i need these dvd's. help me banish my baby pooch and turn my biceps into the beauties i know they can be - send me a copy! could you imagine? i need to tweet kelly, judging from her show recently she's hooked on twitter. i'm ready to do just about anything to get my hands on a copy!

here's the link to get your own copy to help you work your way to kelly ripa arms! it looks fun! remember you're worth it and you deserve it!

have any of your tried this? what's your current fave workout dvd?

weekend wishes & poll results

{image sortvind}

i'm feeling under the weather and so is my little one, so we'll be back monday rejuvenated and back in good health. in the meantime, i'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend. mine will hopefully be filled with visits to grandmas, friends, good food, some sewing if i'm lucky and lots of relaxation - a girl can dream right?

fyi - the results for the poll from last week's "fit friday in the mommyhood" were as follows:

weekly - 44%
monthly - 33%
bi-weekly - 22%

so it looks like after the summer is over i may be bringing it back to a weekly column. what would you like to read about on "fit friday in the mommyhood"? what body parts most concern you? which exercises would you like to learn?

doesn't this pic make you just want to jump in? so cozy, cozy. i "heart" samantha lamb...what are your cozy weekend wishes?

fit friday in the mommyhood

i really enjoy writing "fit friday in the mommyhood" but have been finding it hard to get it done weekly during the summertime so i have decided to make "fit friday in the mommyhood" a monthly feature until the fall sometime unless all you readers out there will find yourselves missing it.

fyi - i may be easily talked into continuing it on a weekly basis if i feel you would all love to have it stick around :)

i would love to hear your thoughts everyone. what do you think?

fit friday in the mommyhood - playlist summer '09

ok ladies, we posted twice and here's the list you gave....

fit friday in the mommyhood playlist summer '09 -

*hall & oates - out of touch, radiolab podcast, black eyed peas - boom boom pow,dj clash - i'm the ish, alex gaudino - watch out, heartless bastards - the mountain, shantel - disko partizani, the flaming lips - the wand, the republic tigers - buildings and mountains, cut copy - lights & music, beyonce - put a ring on it, jason mraz - coyotes, jason mraz - butterfly, frank turner - reasons not to be stupid, anything by: paramore, bon jovi, nelly furtado, daughtry, keith urban, maroon 5, lady gaga, mandy moore*

so get those runners on and get that tushie moving. don the ipod or crank that stereo, just get the music playing and have fun with it. remember, you're worth it and you deserve it!

anyone interested in me keeping this going and actually creating a downloadable playlist?

off topic - what would be the body part you would like us to do our next exercise roundup on? (we have already done abs,chest and arms)

fit friday in the mommyhood - what's your workout playlist?

it's fit friday time! the other week we asked what your favorite workout playlist is and here are a few of the answers:

lady gaga
podcasts (radiolab)
black eyed peas - boom boom pow
mandy moore
dj clash - i'm the ish
alex gaudino - watch out
hall and oates - out of touch

i know you guys must have more than this, c'mon, we really want a sneak peek. if you were going to workout who would be your fave choice of music? fave artist? fave song to listen to while exercising those limbs, bums and boobs (yes, they need exercising too)? while you're thinking check out this site, it's filled with great playlists and ideas for workout music (thanks tanya!)

{image via: harsh rule}

let's share our music. it plays a huge role in helping with our motivation, relaxation, and overall well being when it comes to exercising and life in general. maybe your current fave is a song someone hasn't heard yet and it is soon to be their fave? let's help each other get fit and have fun at the same time. remember when making mixed tapes was so cool and fun? well, let's all make a mixed luvinthemommyhood blog tape :)

all you have to do is leave a comment below listing your current fave tunes (or tune) and next friday i'll put them in a playlist for you all.

remember, you're worth it and you deserve it!

fit friday in the mommyhood - what's your workout playlist?

struggling to find a good workout playlist?

i am a music junkie and luv a good playlist. i think a playlist that's perfect for your workout and the type of exercise you are doing can help make a world of a difference to your fitness experience and aide in making it a more enjoyable experience, especially on those days where you just can't bear the idea of dragging your cute butt off the couch - and damn, that couch is comfy!

{image: rogilde}

ok, i admit it, i also enjoy a good sneak peek into other people's playlists. i find new faves, remember old ones and all in all have fun finding new artists and songs to workout to. so let's all motivate each other, keep our workout music fresh and allow each other a sneak peek into our very own workout playlists.

so...what's your workout playlist? take a break, sip your coffee, grab your ipod and leave a comment with your fave songs to work out to and next week i'll compile them into a brand spankin new playlist with my songs too! feeling stuck for inspiration, click here for fitness mags sampling from 2008. whooeee! fun, fun, fun!

and a 1, and a 2, and a 3.....list away, ladies....list away...that's it...keep moving those fingers....great job! remember...your're worth it and you deserve it.

fit friday in the mommyhood - how to keep safe and in shape in the heat

{image: ecstaticist}

summer is almost here and the weather (at least where i am) is showing it. with temperatures rising higher than ever due to all of our environmental concerns how does one continue to exercise safely outdoors with all this glorious sunshine without getting ill?

here's some quick tips to help you keep safe and in shape in the heat:

1. avoid the hottest parts of the day especially 1-3pm. your safest bet is to exercise first thing in the morning or in the evening. scheduling your workouts around the 10am to 3pm time is a great way to ensure you won't be exposed to the harshest weather of the day.

{image: roadside pictures}

2. work you way into the heat gradually. if you are going to be out in warmer temperatures, build your body up to the heat gradually. allow yourself a few weeks of exercising at longer increments each time. don't just head out into 30 degree weather for a 10km run!!!!

3. drink a lot of water. dehydration is a major concern during the summertime, it's important to keep your body fluids up and the water coming in because we all know even a girl is gonna sweat buckets if it's 32 degrees outside.

4. dress appropriately. wear loose and breathable clothing. it will help keep your body cooler and believe me, nobody wants to see your workout gear stuck to your behind. don't underdress either, you don't want to be overexposed to the sun and do make sure to wear the appropriate sunscreen that is also sweat proof and waterproof. your best bet is to check for the word sport on the bottle, that usually means it is geared towards being worn during exercise.

{image: mike baird}

5. use common sense and listen to your body. you need to know when to stop. check for signs of heat stroke and exhaustion. you need to listen to your body very carefully when exercising in very hot weather, it can be very dangerous - those six pack abs are not worth it if you end up in the hospital! also, don't forget to cool down in the shade after a workout, it's important to let your body return to it's normal temperature. try to avoid going from one extreme to the next, such as very hot weather to an air conditioned room or having a shower or bath, you're just asking for trouble. your body just can't keep up.

while you don't need to stop your exercise routine, you may need to make some major adjustments to it, be extra cautious and listen to your body. but don't fret, it's worth it in the long run, and really - who are we kidding, it's better than heavy rain and snow day after day :)

fit friday in the mommyhood - yoga wear roundup

i love yoga clothes. i wish i could wear yoga clothes and lounge wear all day. ok, maybe not all day, maybe i wish i could wear my fave pj's all day too, well, i have to admit i sometimes do (at home of course), but don't tell anyone. after working on my "shirt sleeves to yoga capris " tutorial i went on a bit of an online hunt to see what else is out there for yoga clothes at the moment.

i found our everyday staples such as lululemon (my fave) and prana, to puma and nike. but there are a few new ones to me, like blue canoe and a few etsy sellers that i fell in lust with. i want all of their stuff! i better start collecting some more stretchy shirts to try to make my own, and develop master sewing skills overnight, or i am just gonna have to win the lottery. not sure which one is more likely :)

{image: jill hudgins}

here's a few of my faves that i found along the way and also a great link for some more eco-friendly yoga wear designers. have a peek and while you're at it, leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite yoga wear is. it's a great way to find that new favorite shop!

namaste....and shop away....

ultimate in eco-friendly yoga wear at blue canoe.

stretch that stress away with prana styles.

perfect for on the way to the studio - puma, champion and nike.

i love all the clothes from gaia conceptions organic. click here to drool over her organic and natural designs.

target your inner chi with this cozy outfit from lucy.

and all of our faves from their wonderunders, and pants to various jackets all from lululemon, perfect for women or expecting moms.

brighten up your stroll home with this chic casual top at etsy.

remember, you're worth it and you deserve it!

fit friday in the mommyhood - best chest exercises to lift up those girls

let's face it, yep, the cold hard truth, that after having a baby, our boobs, or girls as i like to call them, are never the same. they may bounce back a bit, oh they try, but they never truly will without our help. i went on a hunt for some tried and true chest exercises to help my girls reach more in the direction of the stars and not the floor.

don't worry, we aren't on a mission to "man up" and get rock hard pectoral muscles, these moves are designed to lightly strengthen and tone the chest muscles. keep in mind, our boobage is made of fat and you may still need to lose weight to shrink there size, but the exercises below will help improve the overall look and help perk and lift up the girls.

so grab your weights, or soup cans, get out your stability ball or hit the floor and get down to business - your bras will thank you!

1. push up on the stability ball

2. dumbbell press
3. dumbbell flys
4. dumbbell pullover
if any you would like to try a more advanced version of some of the above exercises check out these moves below - bonus is you can work your buns and abs too!

1. dumbbell fly with bridge on stability ball
2. dumbbell press with bridge

remember, you're worth it and you deserve it!

what's your favorite chest exercise? do you have any tips for lifting your girls?

fit friday in the mommyhood - top 10 abs workout

rock those abs - i wish i had abs like kelly ripa's. i wish i had time to go her gym and do her sculpting class every day so my whole body was a mean, lean mommy machine, but i don't. i barely have time to shower at the moment. i'm sure some of you can relate. so, instead of whining about my gut sack as i like to call it, yes, you've heard it before, i went on a hunt for the most current and best tummy blasters out there. after scouring websites & magazines here's what i found to be the top 10 ab exercises to do at home:
1) The Plank (aka - the head honcho of ab exercises)
at first glance this exercise looks simple, but don't be fooled, it's not. it is worth the pain to master this move. it's one of the most efficient and most popular ab exercise to help blast all areas of those stubborn midriffs.
2) Ball Crunch
i adore this move and pretty much all of the moves on the stability ball. i have been doing them since i got pregnant and find the ball helpful even if just for sitting on.
3. The Hundred
pilates - what would i do without you? don't be scared of the number, it's a great workout!
4. The Twisting Windmill
this one looks as good as it works. no props involved, and there isn't 20 steps to memorize.
5. Ballerina Leg Lift
this move has a beginner version, intermediate and advanced, i thought we could start off in the middle and go from there :)
6. Reverse Crunch
let's get that baby belly, this is where my problem spot is, the lower abs....where i tell my daughter she left her friends behind...i know, i've got a sick sense of humour. it also keeps spanx in business.
7. Oblique Crossover Crunch
blast those love handles! this is a great move for targeting those nasty little bulges that like to peek out and yell "muffin top"!
8. Vertical Leg Crunch
another great move for targeting the lower abs. this one is a fun one to get your little ones to do beside you.
9. Prone Oblique Roll
don't worry, you won't fall. i find a lot of the stability ball exercises look scarier than they are difficult to do. if you don't have good balance or have never used a ball before, you might want to stick to a more beginner ball exercise and work up to this one. it's a great move to learn though.
10. Pilates Roll Up
this is one of my favorite pilates moves. i have been doing pilates for eons and swear by it. i just wish i had more time to do it...then i just might have some kelly ripa abs...and arms....and butt...and ok, that's enough. oh, kelly, why do you all torture us so with your after 3 kids six pack?

click here for a quick article on the Top 10 Firm Belly Tips from Fitness Magazine

i happened to catch one of those evening entertainment shows the other night and they had on a round up of the top 5 yummy mummy bodies. i almost passed out. they must have had surgery is all i keep saying to myself, or have a live in trainer, a chef, and a nanny and the most incredible spanx that regular humans can't buy? what do you think? are they just setting us up for failure and lowering our self esteems or do you find it inspiring to see some superstar 3 months after giving birth modelling on a runway or wearing a bikini? what's your favorite ab exercise to do? we want to hear your thoughts.'re worth it and you deserve it!

fit friday in the mommyhood - we want to know what you think. survey & a giveaway!

after being sick all last week i had some time to lay in my misery and think about some of the features on the blog. i have some exciting things in mind for "fit fridays in the mommyhood", but would like to hear what you think about the series so far.

i know surveys and polls are a pain in the butt, we are all busy, and have a zillion things going on, but if you do have a few minutes, really, there are only 10 quick questions, i would love to know your thoughts on a few things.

around the mommyhood we strive to keep things relevant and fresh for our readers and your comments and thoughts mean a lot to me. i like to post about what i, as a mother, wife, friend, etc love to read about, am passionate about and want to hear about it in my life. i hope that these are ultimately things that are interesting to all of us in the mommyhood, cause i know i ain't alone out here :)

so pretend we all live on the same street, in the same neighbourhood called mommyhood and we are having our own little "desperate housewives", let's meet for coffee over our fences, which i am truly sure never friggin happens in real life conversation and let me pick your brain for a few minutes about how the mommyhood is looking. basically a council meeting for our own little town.

in exchange for taking our little survey, i have a wee perk to go along with it. the first 5 readers to comment on this post will get a little freebie.

iStorytime is offering a free download of their new series of narrated illustrated kids books for the iphone/itouch to the first 5 readers - thanks graham!

have you ever been waiting for dinner to be served at a restaurant with a wild child? about to get on an airplane for a long flight with kids? have your phone in your pocket? then you've got all you need to give your child a wholesome entertainment option. an, illustrated, narrated children's book that they can enjoy with you or on their own. all from the convenience of your phone. it's entertaining, its convenient, its inexpensive, its a book... in your pocket.

iStoryTime was dreamed up by fathers who are committed to their families and love to have fun, especially with technology. driven by a passion to share books with their own children, we wanted to make it possible to always have a book to read with our little ones. we are building an eclectic library of children’s books from a variety of authors and artists.

iStoryTime is the ideal combination of entertainment and education for your kids and it will make your life easier too. it provides the time honored tradition of reading children’s books with the convenience of your iPhone. instead of having to resort to movies or video games, you can feel great about the entertainment you’re providing your kids. enjoy iStoryTime, the perfect combination of education and fun.

make sure you have a way for me to contact you in your comment, as blogger does not currently enable me to automatically see your email address (so annoying) when you comment. unless you have a profile with an email address, i can't get a hold of you to let you know you won.

thank you so much for your time, we really appreciate it and we know how valuable it is.

i look forward to seeing you in the mommyhood. click below for the survey:

fit friday in the mommyhood - stroller fitness workout

remember when the only stroller a mom had was one of these? could you imagine those skinny wheels surviving the everyday usage we put our strollers through?

now we are decked out with top of the line jogging strollers and strollers featuring all kinds of bells and whistles. how would we exercise with our strollers if they looked the way they did back then?

the weather is warming, the sun is starting to shine and hopefully the snow is gone. if you are like me (no car) you may already be getting your daily dose of stroller fitness in, but if you aren't, it's never too late to start! it's a fun, economical and easy way to ease back into fitness after a baby or to start a new program with a toddler.

if you are wanting to start getting involved in stroller exercising you don't have to look hard. with the fast growing popularity of stroller fitness classes popping up, they are not a hard thing to find anymore. such companies as "stroller strides" and "fit 4 two" are 2 such businesses that franchise and have many fun and motivating classes all over canada and the united states. they both offer class types fit for every fitness level and pre-natal classes as well. you can also find stroller walking classes in most malls. it's a great place for indoor walks when the weather is bad and super convenient for indulging in a cup of coffee with another mom after the workout. remember - socializing for you and your little one is also part of the fun of stroller fitness classes.

if you are looking to be self-motivated and take the reigns of your stroller and head right outside, then check out the videos below. incorporate the moves shown into your regular walking or jogging routine and you've now gotten yourself a free and refreshing workout outside, with your baby, in the sunshine (hopefully), on your own time schedule and best of all, you aren't cooped up in a sweaty gym dreaming of the blue sky, wishing you weren't on some stinkin' treadmill staring at some sweaty guy on the bike in front of you.

mackenzie and i have put some serious miles on our BOB jogging stroller and i don't know what i would have done without my trusty SUV wheels and shocks. it was well worth the money i paid for it a zillion times over. i have no complaints and my daughter loves riding in it. but don't worry, you don't need to have a certain kind of stroller to get out and walk, the most important thing is to make time for you and to get moving. i find the easiest thing for me on the days when i just don't want to drag the stroller out is to give myself a goal. anything at all. go buy toilet paper. i need bananas. pick up diapers. whatever the end destination is, it's not important, what is important is that you got out the door and walked. as moms, we all know how hard sometimes just getting out the freaking door is, especially when we have 2 hours of sleep, a cranky baby, a dirty house and haven't had a shower. the magic is in the air. once outside, all that fresh air and vitamin d work wonders for our moods and our hormones. like i always say, a happy mommy is a happy family. if mom's not happy, neither is anyone else in the house.

jeremy, mackenzie and i after finishing the times colonist 10km run last year

so tie up those shoes, load up the stroller, bundle up the baby and get outside or to the mall, and remember you're worth it and you deserve it!

is exercising with your stroller & child part of your fitness routine?

fit friday in the mommyhood - mommy calorie countdown

i have been trying to make exercise a regular part of my routine lately. it's been a struggle. i know i am not alone out there, when the housework, mothering, work, and any other nagging thing you need to get done takes priority over your fitness.

instead of berating myself for having a bad week, i was laying in bed the other night and thought about what i could do to make myself feel better for all the good things i did do this week. were there other ways to burn those nasty calories instead of normal exercise? is lifting my daughter considered weightlifting? is dancing around the house with her cardio? is vacuuming? is the 45 minutes i just spent ironing? i decided to look into this.

what i found was shocking! not only was i still doing cardio, i didn't know i was! wowee! i am excited about this finding. the best part for me about what i found was that i was actually burning calories while crafting - yes, that's right, you read it, burn calories while crafting. sewing, knitting, drawing, reading, you name it. i am burning calories while typing this right now! here's some of what i found from the following two sites - caloriesperhour & healthstatus.
(please be advised these are based on my weight, and there is no way in hell i am disclosing it in this post)

brushing teeth: 5 minutes = 15 calories
cooking: 30 minutes = 96 calories
housework: 30 minutes = 105 calories
ironing: 45 minutes = 122 calories
mopping: 15 minutes = 81 calories
playing the guitar: 15 minutes = 57 calories
reading: 60 minutes = 76 calories
rearranging furniture: 45 minutes = 360 calories
showering: 15 minutes = 76 calories
writing: 60 minutes = 76 calories
sleeping: 360 minutes = 403 calories
playing with kids: 180 minutes = 864 calories!!!!
standing: 120 minutes = 172 calories
knitting / sewing: 60 minutes = 109 calories

this post may just be the extra incentive i need to do the chores more often. can you imagine? and fold, one, two, three, and vacuum, one, two, three, and scrub, one, two, three....c'mon ladies. let's get our groove on! sparkling, clean houses and toned, tight muscles. if only life was that easy :)

what's your favorite household exercise? mine would be sleeping if i ever got to do more of it.

fit friday in the mommyhood - best workout videos

i don't have time in my life to go to the gym. it sucks, but i try to be creative and get my workout in others way throughout my day. we currently don't own a vehicle, so i get in a lot of walking, and i mean a lot. we also bike, but i am finding that just isn't enough for me anymore.

before i had mackenzie, running was a regular part of my workout. i loved doing 10km marathons and was training for a half-marathon. since her birth, running has lost it's allure for me. i think it had to do with breastfeeding my daughter. my huge boobs attracted attention as i jogged with my daughter in the stroller and it was unattractive, uncomfortable and no matter how many sports bras and running tanks i put on, my girls still soared for the sky and dove for the ground. all you ladies out there with big boobs, know just what i am talking about. now that i have stopped the breastfeeding, my boobs have started to return to their normal size and i may start running again, but it's not on the top of my workout list.

what i am enjoying is workout videos at home. i don't have to do my hair, get all dolled up, find a sitter, it's free, and i can fit it in whenever i get a spare 20 minutes in my day. so i decided it would be great to share a list of what i have found to be the best workout videos out there right now.

workout videos are not a new phenomenon. i remember doing cher's aerobic workout with my mom way back in the day - now that was a classic. who else but cher could get a way with doing a workout in a g-string? seriously now. we also owned the complete abs & buns of steel collection and some of the elle mcpherson videos - torture, but they did the trick. when we couldn't get to the gym we turned to the vcr. yes, vcr's were all the rage back then.

sometimes it's a good thing to go back to what worked for you in the first place and with what works with your schedule. if going to a gym or a class has helped you in the past with motivation and peer support, try going online instead. spark people is my personal favorite. the information, peer support and workout videos/exercise plans/diets on here are endless and there are a lot of groups to join in your own community. with the economy the way it is right now, we all can't afford the luxury of an expensive monthly/yearly gym membership. these services are free and if you have the determination, will help you succeed at home.

after doing a bit of research a few months ago on the newest videos out there, i decided to try turbo jam with chalene johnson. out of all the workout videos below, this one is by far my favorite. i am sure some of you have seen the infomercial in the middle of the night, i have probably watched it like 10 times at least. those things are evil, but the videos are great! jer and i had a good laugh when we first watched the 20 minute workout. we thought it was a spoof, but once i got going i was hooked. i was having fun, the host is a great motivator and the music is catchy in a non-annoying way. plus - it works! there are a lot to choose from but i still find the 20 minute workout my fave for time sake.

the 30 day shred is not for the faint of heart. if you can handle jillian michael's somewhat, abrasive training manners, you may see some definite results from this one. she is a killer but i found myself more angry at her during the workout then enjoying myself and getting motivated. she will push you hard though, if that's the style of video you are looking for.
any videos from gaiam are recommended by me. i have been a fan of them for a long time and have yet to be disappointed. there are a lot of yoga and pilates videos out there, but i always go back to the gaiam line. i used their prenatal yoga all through my pregnancy and truly enjoyed my workout. it was one of the few i could find that covered what i wanted and showed moves for all three trimesters. i also have many of their yoga series and pilates from a few years ago and still use them today.

chalean extreme is the newest series from the trainer of turbo jam - chalene johnson. i haven't tried this one out yet but i am excited to see what she is offering. from what i hear on forums and websites it's supposed to be a great workout promising some good muscle definition while still allowing you to have fun. chalean uses what she calls "lean phasing" which is a "circuit training method that shifts your fat-burning focus from cardio to resistance training." she promises to "have you lifting heavy weights in 3 phases to ignite your metabolism and help you burn fat long after your workout—even while you sleep." sounds good to me. hell, if my butt can do something while i sleep, (when i can get sleep that is) i'm in :)

p90x freaks me out. i think of men when i see this series. i won't lie and say i have tried this, because i haven't, but when searching for good workouts, this came up highly recommended in all my searches. people seem to love it and not just men. it looks like a serious collection including diet, exercise and some serious workout plans. "P90X is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days." in the package you will "also receive a comprehensive 3-phase nutrition plan, specially designed supplement options, a detailed fitness guide, a calendar to track your progress, online peer support, and much more. your personal trainer, tony horton, will keep you engaged every step of the way, and you won't believe your results!" sounds great - but still freaks me out. any of you tried it?

besides the videos shown above, the tried and trued were also seen all over the blogosphere. billy blanks tae bo and slimy, sweaty and way too shiny for my taste richard simmons. personally, i'll take my bubbly, bouncy chalean johnson over richard simmons anyday. i just can't get over the slick and the shorts, sorry, but if that's the kind of thing you are in for, check out carmen electra's aerobic striptease. yes, she really does have a workout on stripping. there are many, from vegas strip, in the bedroom, fit to strip and back to just plain old aerobic strip. now i have seen some of these. they seemed to me like soft porn and something for our hubbies to watch when we are conveniently out of town with the kids, but hey, it may work.

i have yet to watch the whole tape because when i did have it on, i found myself laughing at how uncomfortable this must have been to film as the camera guys were probably just dying watching this. i mean, really - three hot women gyrating in little outfits teaching us to strip? i would much rather go to one of the popular stripper pole classes then do this workout at home. it would be fun to whip on the next time i have some girlfriends over, some drinks and we need a good laugh. but wait, who's kidding who, when's the last time i have had time to do that? 2 years ago???

so let's put on our legwarmers, our cute yoga outfits or hell, pull a cher, richard simmons and carmen electra all in one and whip out your g-string and get moving! remember - you're worth it and you deserve it.

what are some of your favorite workout videos?

fit friday in the mommyhood - the obama/ripa arm workout

welcome to the gun show.

when deciding to start fit friday in the mommyhood, there was no doubt in my mind that i wanted to research how the heck michelle obama and kelly ripa get their arms to look so damn good. i know i am not alone in this sick curiosity. i have openly admitted on here before, that i watch regis just to stare at kelly's arms. now, with the addition of michelle obama, how are mom's supposed to keep up? what is their secret? trainers? home gyms? good dna? whatever it is - i am lacking it and i need to get it.

in this day and age the pressure on mom's to rebound back to their pre-baby weight has escalated along with what seems to be a heightened rise in celebrities having babies. the more photos we see of them out and about 4 weeks after birth in size 0 jeans and tight dresses, the more self-esteem and self-worth we lose. how come we don't look like that 6 months later? some of us never do get our pre-baby body back. i am still dealing with what i call "the friends mackenzie left behind" in my tummy. i've got 10 pounds to go and my daughter is turning 2 next month. for some, it just seems so easy, and for others, the trials never end.

what can we do about it? support each other. i have found talking to friends whose bodies i admire after giving birth helps me to understand that they usually aren't happy with themselves either. if only as women, we could all have a buddy system where we called one woman a day and said "you look fabulous, have you lost weight?". it's like a drug, you can't get enough of it. it will keep you going for days with a smile on your face and a strut in your walk. for now, i just rely on my spanx. yes, i sometimes wear spanx. they keep my so called "friends" under jiggle control.

with the struggles of balancing being a mother, a wife and having a career, where do we fit in exercise when we hardly have time to have a shower? how does michelle obama, the new lady of the white house, have the time with all that is going on in her world to exercise? she get's up at the crack of dawn. people magazine stated that she and the president get up at 5:30am and work out. she also told cnn that she fits in three 90 minute work outs a week with a personal trainer. not all of us could sustain getting up that early every week. i know i couldn't, you'd have to hook me up to an i.v. filled with caffeine to get me moving. it all comes down to finding the time that works for you, whether it's evening, kid's nap times, first thing in the morning, it's important to find what works in your crazy schedule and make it a priority.

both kelly and michelle are in the eye of the media, kelly daily. people like me love to hear about kelly's trials and tribulations of her exercise regimes and the goings on of her life. she is like a talking blog. i adore her. i do admit she sometimes looks too skinny, but the arms are just rock solid. kelly supplements her favorite sculpting class that uses your own body weight to build muscle at her favorite gym with running, the stability ball and boot camp moves. kelly, like michelle, does her workout early in the morning before her day starts at the regis show.

most personal trainers say arm exercises alone are not enough to get toned arms. you have to rid the body of fat first. both women have mentioned that they maintain healthy diets along with strength training and cardio fitness. trainers recommend strength training twice a week, using 5-8 pound weights and doing 12-15 repetitions working up to 2 sets, allowing days in between to allow your muscles to rest. you can hope to see results in 6-8 weeks.

so what moves can we take from their exercise routines? here's the top arm exercises to get some guns of your own:

1) bicep curls

2) tricep kickbacks

3) shoulder press

4) lateral raises

5) pushups on a stability ball

spark people is one of my favorite resources for exercises and videos. click here for their fitness section. american council on exercises library also has a great link to the how to's of these exercises. click here for their library.

thankfully, fitness magazine has put together a michelle obama inspired workout. click here for the routine that goes from sun salutations to push ups. if you are curious about kelly ripa's trainers tips for leaning up, the video below should give you a good place to start.

do any of you have a favorite workout routine to keep your arms toned? what's your secret for staying motivated?

after writing this it seems achievable to reach for the goal of obama/ripa arms, but just in case, ask me in 6 weeks. oh, hey, by the way, you look fabulous - have you lost weight? :)

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