fit friday in the mommyhood - stroller fitness workout

remember when the only stroller a mom had was one of these? could you imagine those skinny wheels surviving the everyday usage we put our strollers through?

now we are decked out with top of the line jogging strollers and strollers featuring all kinds of bells and whistles. how would we exercise with our strollers if they looked the way they did back then?

the weather is warming, the sun is starting to shine and hopefully the snow is gone. if you are like me (no car) you may already be getting your daily dose of stroller fitness in, but if you aren't, it's never too late to start! it's a fun, economical and easy way to ease back into fitness after a baby or to start a new program with a toddler.

if you are wanting to start getting involved in stroller exercising you don't have to look hard. with the fast growing popularity of stroller fitness classes popping up, they are not a hard thing to find anymore. such companies as "stroller strides" and "fit 4 two" are 2 such businesses that franchise and have many fun and motivating classes all over canada and the united states. they both offer class types fit for every fitness level and pre-natal classes as well. you can also find stroller walking classes in most malls. it's a great place for indoor walks when the weather is bad and super convenient for indulging in a cup of coffee with another mom after the workout. remember - socializing for you and your little one is also part of the fun of stroller fitness classes.

if you are looking to be self-motivated and take the reigns of your stroller and head right outside, then check out the videos below. incorporate the moves shown into your regular walking or jogging routine and you've now gotten yourself a free and refreshing workout outside, with your baby, in the sunshine (hopefully), on your own time schedule and best of all, you aren't cooped up in a sweaty gym dreaming of the blue sky, wishing you weren't on some stinkin' treadmill staring at some sweaty guy on the bike in front of you.

mackenzie and i have put some serious miles on our BOB jogging stroller and i don't know what i would have done without my trusty SUV wheels and shocks. it was well worth the money i paid for it a zillion times over. i have no complaints and my daughter loves riding in it. but don't worry, you don't need to have a certain kind of stroller to get out and walk, the most important thing is to make time for you and to get moving. i find the easiest thing for me on the days when i just don't want to drag the stroller out is to give myself a goal. anything at all. go buy toilet paper. i need bananas. pick up diapers. whatever the end destination is, it's not important, what is important is that you got out the door and walked. as moms, we all know how hard sometimes just getting out the freaking door is, especially when we have 2 hours of sleep, a cranky baby, a dirty house and haven't had a shower. the magic is in the air. once outside, all that fresh air and vitamin d work wonders for our moods and our hormones. like i always say, a happy mommy is a happy family. if mom's not happy, neither is anyone else in the house.

jeremy, mackenzie and i after finishing the times colonist 10km run last year

so tie up those shoes, load up the stroller, bundle up the baby and get outside or to the mall, and remember you're worth it and you deserve it!

is exercising with your stroller & child part of your fitness routine?