fit friday in the mommyhood - what's your workout playlist?

struggling to find a good workout playlist?

i am a music junkie and luv a good playlist. i think a playlist that's perfect for your workout and the type of exercise you are doing can help make a world of a difference to your fitness experience and aide in making it a more enjoyable experience, especially on those days where you just can't bear the idea of dragging your cute butt off the couch - and damn, that couch is comfy!

{image: rogilde}

ok, i admit it, i also enjoy a good sneak peek into other people's playlists. i find new faves, remember old ones and all in all have fun finding new artists and songs to workout to. so let's all motivate each other, keep our workout music fresh and allow each other a sneak peek into our very own workout playlists.

so...what's your workout playlist? take a break, sip your coffee, grab your ipod and leave a comment with your fave songs to work out to and next week i'll compile them into a brand spankin new playlist with my songs too! feeling stuck for inspiration, click here for fitness mags sampling from 2008. whooeee! fun, fun, fun!

and a 1, and a 2, and a 3.....list away, ladies....list away...that's it...keep moving those fingers....great job! remember...your're worth it and you deserve it.