fit friday in the mommyhood - playlist summer '09

ok ladies, we posted twice and here's the list you gave....

fit friday in the mommyhood playlist summer '09 -

*hall & oates - out of touch, radiolab podcast, black eyed peas - boom boom pow,dj clash - i'm the ish, alex gaudino - watch out, heartless bastards - the mountain, shantel - disko partizani, the flaming lips - the wand, the republic tigers - buildings and mountains, cut copy - lights & music, beyonce - put a ring on it, jason mraz - coyotes, jason mraz - butterfly, frank turner - reasons not to be stupid, anything by: paramore, bon jovi, nelly furtado, daughtry, keith urban, maroon 5, lady gaga, mandy moore*

so get those runners on and get that tushie moving. don the ipod or crank that stereo, just get the music playing and have fun with it. remember, you're worth it and you deserve it!

anyone interested in me keeping this going and actually creating a downloadable playlist?

off topic - what would be the body part you would like us to do our next exercise roundup on? (we have already done abs,chest and arms)