fit friday in the mommyhood - top 10 abs workout

rock those abs - i wish i had abs like kelly ripa's. i wish i had time to go her gym and do her sculpting class every day so my whole body was a mean, lean mommy machine, but i don't. i barely have time to shower at the moment. i'm sure some of you can relate. so, instead of whining about my gut sack as i like to call it, yes, you've heard it before, i went on a hunt for the most current and best tummy blasters out there. after scouring websites & magazines here's what i found to be the top 10 ab exercises to do at home:
1) The Plank (aka - the head honcho of ab exercises)
at first glance this exercise looks simple, but don't be fooled, it's not. it is worth the pain to master this move. it's one of the most efficient and most popular ab exercise to help blast all areas of those stubborn midriffs.
2) Ball Crunch
i adore this move and pretty much all of the moves on the stability ball. i have been doing them since i got pregnant and find the ball helpful even if just for sitting on.
3. The Hundred
pilates - what would i do without you? don't be scared of the number, it's a great workout!
4. The Twisting Windmill
this one looks as good as it works. no props involved, and there isn't 20 steps to memorize.
5. Ballerina Leg Lift
this move has a beginner version, intermediate and advanced, i thought we could start off in the middle and go from there :)
6. Reverse Crunch
let's get that baby belly, this is where my problem spot is, the lower abs....where i tell my daughter she left her friends behind...i know, i've got a sick sense of humour. it also keeps spanx in business.
7. Oblique Crossover Crunch
blast those love handles! this is a great move for targeting those nasty little bulges that like to peek out and yell "muffin top"!
8. Vertical Leg Crunch
another great move for targeting the lower abs. this one is a fun one to get your little ones to do beside you.
9. Prone Oblique Roll
don't worry, you won't fall. i find a lot of the stability ball exercises look scarier than they are difficult to do. if you don't have good balance or have never used a ball before, you might want to stick to a more beginner ball exercise and work up to this one. it's a great move to learn though.
10. Pilates Roll Up
this is one of my favorite pilates moves. i have been doing pilates for eons and swear by it. i just wish i had more time to do it...then i just might have some kelly ripa abs...and arms....and butt...and ok, that's enough. oh, kelly, why do you all torture us so with your after 3 kids six pack?

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i happened to catch one of those evening entertainment shows the other night and they had on a round up of the top 5 yummy mummy bodies. i almost passed out. they must have had surgery is all i keep saying to myself, or have a live in trainer, a chef, and a nanny and the most incredible spanx that regular humans can't buy? what do you think? are they just setting us up for failure and lowering our self esteems or do you find it inspiring to see some superstar 3 months after giving birth modelling on a runway or wearing a bikini? what's your favorite ab exercise to do? we want to hear your thoughts.'re worth it and you deserve it!