fit friday in the mommyhood - how to keep safe and in shape in the heat

{image: ecstaticist}

summer is almost here and the weather (at least where i am) is showing it. with temperatures rising higher than ever due to all of our environmental concerns how does one continue to exercise safely outdoors with all this glorious sunshine without getting ill?

here's some quick tips to help you keep safe and in shape in the heat:

1. avoid the hottest parts of the day especially 1-3pm. your safest bet is to exercise first thing in the morning or in the evening. scheduling your workouts around the 10am to 3pm time is a great way to ensure you won't be exposed to the harshest weather of the day.

{image: roadside pictures}

2. work you way into the heat gradually. if you are going to be out in warmer temperatures, build your body up to the heat gradually. allow yourself a few weeks of exercising at longer increments each time. don't just head out into 30 degree weather for a 10km run!!!!

3. drink a lot of water. dehydration is a major concern during the summertime, it's important to keep your body fluids up and the water coming in because we all know even a girl is gonna sweat buckets if it's 32 degrees outside.

4. dress appropriately. wear loose and breathable clothing. it will help keep your body cooler and believe me, nobody wants to see your workout gear stuck to your behind. don't underdress either, you don't want to be overexposed to the sun and do make sure to wear the appropriate sunscreen that is also sweat proof and waterproof. your best bet is to check for the word sport on the bottle, that usually means it is geared towards being worn during exercise.

{image: mike baird}

5. use common sense and listen to your body. you need to know when to stop. check for signs of heat stroke and exhaustion. you need to listen to your body very carefully when exercising in very hot weather, it can be very dangerous - those six pack abs are not worth it if you end up in the hospital! also, don't forget to cool down in the shade after a workout, it's important to let your body return to it's normal temperature. try to avoid going from one extreme to the next, such as very hot weather to an air conditioned room or having a shower or bath, you're just asking for trouble. your body just can't keep up.

while you don't need to stop your exercise routine, you may need to make some major adjustments to it, be extra cautious and listen to your body. but don't fret, it's worth it in the long run, and really - who are we kidding, it's better than heavy rain and snow day after day :)