fit friday in the mommyhood - kelly ripa & physiqe 57

i've written about kelly ripa before and my ongoing quest for her fab arms - man, i love her arms. she's talked and talked about her classes at the well known new york gym "physique 57". and you know we've all secretly cried inside that we don't live there and damn, how are we going to get ripped like ripa if we can't take the class?

well fear no more, physique 57 has made the quest that much easier. they have released a 3 dvd set filled with kelly ripa workouts galore! one of them is even geared solely to arms/abs. Sounds like my kind of dvd! the other 2 are a classic 57 minute full body workout and an express 30 minute full body it xmas yet? can santa send this my way? kelly are you listening? physique 57 can you hear me? i need these dvd's. help me banish my baby pooch and turn my biceps into the beauties i know they can be - send me a copy! could you imagine? i need to tweet kelly, judging from her show recently she's hooked on twitter. i'm ready to do just about anything to get my hands on a copy!

here's the link to get your own copy to help you work your way to kelly ripa arms! it looks fun! remember you're worth it and you deserve it!

have any of your tried this? what's your current fave workout dvd?