what's your current obsession?

my birds

i have a wee obsession with wooden/porcelain/china birds. not sure when it started but it did...and man do i luv my birds. they go perfectly with our mix of pine cones, shells and coastal decor. i only have 3, so my home isn't covered in them, but in my mind, i spot them everywhere - stores, mags, & tv. they are so lovely, i would like a few more...maybe some like these (insert my drool):

bone china birds from "have you met miss jones"

coe & waito porcelain birds

the ones i currently own are wood and i would like to add a few different ones to the mix. the problem is, and reason for this post, is that i am having a hard time finding these birds for a reasonable & affordable price. anyone have any tips or leads for me? have any birds you want to sell? let me know....my hubby will kill me, but a few more birds may go unnoticed by his manly eye :)

what's your current obsession? anyone a bird lover like me?