weekend wishes

me and mackenzie are flying solo for one night this weekend. my hubby is off to van for a stag and i'm crossing my fingers he'll drag his cute butt into ikea sunday morning for me. i've been drooling over the new 2010 ikea catalogue!!!! what have you been lusting after at ikea lately?

it's been raining and damp/cold here and i'm missing the 30+ weather already. good thing we got some fall clothes for mackenzie last weekend cause we've been using them all week. i guess it's a glimpse of the endless rain to come...bah! if it weren't so beautiful here in the fall it would be really depressing.

my omi (grandma) is coming to stay with us on sunday for a few days and we're very excited to see her and get lots of grandma/great grandma time. we've been missing her.

i'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with hot tea, umbrellas (or if you're lucky - sunshine), cuddles and lots of girl time laughs.

what are your weekend plans? have you started fall shopping already too?