fit friday in the mommyhood - what's your workout playlist?

it's fit friday time! the other week we asked what your favorite workout playlist is and here are a few of the answers:

lady gaga
podcasts (radiolab)
black eyed peas - boom boom pow
mandy moore
dj clash - i'm the ish
alex gaudino - watch out
hall and oates - out of touch

i know you guys must have more than this, c'mon, we really want a sneak peek. if you were going to workout who would be your fave choice of music? fave artist? fave song to listen to while exercising those limbs, bums and boobs (yes, they need exercising too)? while you're thinking check out this site, it's filled with great playlists and ideas for workout music (thanks tanya!)

{image via: harsh rule}

let's share our music. it plays a huge role in helping with our motivation, relaxation, and overall well being when it comes to exercising and life in general. maybe your current fave is a song someone hasn't heard yet and it is soon to be their fave? let's help each other get fit and have fun at the same time. remember when making mixed tapes was so cool and fun? well, let's all make a mixed luvinthemommyhood blog tape :)

all you have to do is leave a comment below listing your current fave tunes (or tune) and next friday i'll put them in a playlist for you all.

remember, you're worth it and you deserve it!