weekend wishes & poll results

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i'm feeling under the weather and so is my little one, so we'll be back monday rejuvenated and back in good health. in the meantime, i'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend. mine will hopefully be filled with visits to grandmas, friends, good food, some sewing if i'm lucky and lots of relaxation - a girl can dream right?

fyi - the results for the poll from last week's "fit friday in the mommyhood" were as follows:

weekly - 44%
monthly - 33%
bi-weekly - 22%

so it looks like after the summer is over i may be bringing it back to a weekly column. what would you like to read about on "fit friday in the mommyhood"? what body parts most concern you? which exercises would you like to learn?

doesn't this pic make you just want to jump in? so cozy, cozy. i "heart" samantha lamb...what are your cozy weekend wishes?