etsy monday in the mommyhood

it is the nature of babies to be in bliss. ~ deepak chopra

1. about town baby sling (reversible with inseam pocket) - small wish
2. cherry lollipop reversible pouch baby sling - babeagogo
3. sylvia reversible pouch baby sling - polkadotpapoose
4. geniva green leaves petal pouch mei tai inspired baby carrier - petals and puddles
5. pouch sling pattern - love september
6. the original organic tie one one baby wrap sling carrier - lovelyduds
7. lightweight stretchy baby wrap/sling carrier - lovelyduds
8. the original rustic sling - raspberry baby

i've had baby wearing on my mind lately as mackenzie grows and we decide if we want to grow our little family and i thought it would be fun to do a roundup of baby carriers available on etsy. i wore mackenzie in a sling starting from when she was a newborn and still do today. we hardly ever used a baby bjorn style carrier as she preferred the sling and i enjoyed being able to breastfeed unnoticed in the sling - yes, you can whip your boob out in all it's glory and nobody can see. trust me, my boob is not a small thing..haha, it's an entity to itself when i am breastfeeding, my girls get huge (i hope some of you can relate)! it was a glorious just to be out and about in a store and breastfeed my child - friggin wonderful!

i swear by baby wearing, it allowed me to do chores, work on the computer, do my hair and a thousand other things i would never have been able to do without my sling. etsy has a wonderful array of different styles, patterns and fabrics as well as a ton of stores willing to do custom work! so stop hauling that babe around and grab yourself a carrier! your boobs will thank you :)

what style carrier to do use? what's your favorite way to wear your baby?