fit friday in the mommyhood - best chest exercises to lift up those girls

let's face it, yep, the cold hard truth, that after having a baby, our boobs, or girls as i like to call them, are never the same. they may bounce back a bit, oh they try, but they never truly will without our help. i went on a hunt for some tried and true chest exercises to help my girls reach more in the direction of the stars and not the floor.

don't worry, we aren't on a mission to "man up" and get rock hard pectoral muscles, these moves are designed to lightly strengthen and tone the chest muscles. keep in mind, our boobage is made of fat and you may still need to lose weight to shrink there size, but the exercises below will help improve the overall look and help perk and lift up the girls.

so grab your weights, or soup cans, get out your stability ball or hit the floor and get down to business - your bras will thank you!

1. push up on the stability ball

2. dumbbell press
3. dumbbell flys
4. dumbbell pullover
if any you would like to try a more advanced version of some of the above exercises check out these moves below - bonus is you can work your buns and abs too!

1. dumbbell fly with bridge on stability ball
2. dumbbell press with bridge

remember, you're worth it and you deserve it!

what's your favorite chest exercise? do you have any tips for lifting your girls?