fit friday in the mommyhood - yoga wear roundup

i love yoga clothes. i wish i could wear yoga clothes and lounge wear all day. ok, maybe not all day, maybe i wish i could wear my fave pj's all day too, well, i have to admit i sometimes do (at home of course), but don't tell anyone. after working on my "shirt sleeves to yoga capris " tutorial i went on a bit of an online hunt to see what else is out there for yoga clothes at the moment.

i found our everyday staples such as lululemon (my fave) and prana, to puma and nike. but there are a few new ones to me, like blue canoe and a few etsy sellers that i fell in lust with. i want all of their stuff! i better start collecting some more stretchy shirts to try to make my own, and develop master sewing skills overnight, or i am just gonna have to win the lottery. not sure which one is more likely :)

{image: jill hudgins}

here's a few of my faves that i found along the way and also a great link for some more eco-friendly yoga wear designers. have a peek and while you're at it, leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite yoga wear is. it's a great way to find that new favorite shop!

namaste....and shop away....

ultimate in eco-friendly yoga wear at blue canoe.

stretch that stress away with prana styles.

perfect for on the way to the studio - puma, champion and nike.

i love all the clothes from gaia conceptions organic. click here to drool over her organic and natural designs.

target your inner chi with this cozy outfit from lucy.

and all of our faves from their wonderunders, and pants to various jackets all from lululemon, perfect for women or expecting moms.

brighten up your stroll home with this chic casual top at etsy.

remember, you're worth it and you deserve it!