weekend wishes

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the pics above just summed up my mood so perfectly i couldn't help posting all of them. i don't know about you guys but i'm soaking up every last bit of summer we have left.

we are heading out for.............yep, you guessed it, camping - again!!! oh my! my poor body can only take so much more tenting with a 2 year old! eek! i have been having dreams of owning my own girlified trailer to cuddle up at night in safe from the bears. i'm not sure if i've mentioned this before but i am deathly afraid of bears, so all this tent camping has been wreaking havoc on my nerves. god forbid i have to go pee in the night, it isn't pretty. i pretty much go into full panic mode and freak out....my poor family. last time i camped i sprinted through poor innocent people's campsites and flew in our tent almost knocking it over all because i heard a man snoring and thought it was a bear. oh well, what's a girl to do? i love camping, just not the bears :)

i'm so digging the album wonder by lisa mitchell at the moment. this is a must play for road trips and will surely be blaring from my car's stereo this weekend! our fave is "clean white love", mackenzie dances up a storm to that one! can we say girl crush???

wishing you all a bear free, relaxation filled, grass laying, ocean breeze feeling kind of weekend. see you on monday!

what are your plans for the weekend? any running away from bears?

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