new fabric

i got the rest of the fabric i needed for mackenzie's quilt on the weekend. i am in love with the colors and happy with what i found. polka dots for the front, pattern for the back. it has taken me months and months to find exactly what i had in mind but it sure was worth it. it wasn't a pleasant experience buying the fabric (that is a tale for another time) but let's just say i won't be going back there and after having a bad retail moment in the evil store i also forgot my visa...bah! what a pain in the arse (pardon my french). just one more reason to keep buying online.

i like to shop local but that is sometimes hard to do when the shops are hard to deal with, oh well, on to happier things. i won't be spending any money until i get a new visa (trust me that's a good thing) and i get to keep myself busy quilting for my little girl while trying hard to ignore the fact that we both have colds :)