recycled plastic bag croheted tote

my mom gave me the head's up on this great project. if you are like me and sometimes forget your cloth bags for the grocery store and end up skulking out embarrassed about the bad thing you just did for the environment this is the answer. we reuse our grocery bags for garbage bags in our house but wouldn't this fun crocheted tote be much more stylish?

the details on how to make the bags above can be found here at canadian living.

this great wool stasher above can be found here at diy network.

i love any excuse that makes me actually use my crocheting skills. making a blanket here and there just isn't enough to keep me going when it comes to crochet. this project looks like great fun and an easy way to put your creativity to the task. they are also waterproof and i think it would make a chic beach bag or swimming pool carryall. summer is on it's way, or I like to tell myself it is, especially seeing as i got hailed on today in some freak 10 minute storm for the second time in 2 weeks. what are the odds???