what i'm looking forward to...

the album "hold time" by m. ward the album is released on february 17th. yep, cannot wait. love his music and my daughter likes to get down to his tunes. she particularly favorites "never had nobody like you". two songs on the album feature zooey deschanel, who i think is hilarious. you can't go wrong with this one.

i also cannot wait to get sewing with some of the amy butler fabric i bought on ebay the other week. it is finally here and i am super excited.

you know that tingly feeling you get in your fingers when you don't want to do anything but create something? you crafters know what i am talking about. it's like a flex reaction, except it doesn't seem to relax until you do something creative and put all that wonderful, spontaneous and contagious energy to use and yes, i purchased pre-cut quilt squares so i don't have to cut them out myself.

i know some of you may not agree with me doing that but i just don't have the time with the little one to do it myself, plus i don't enjoy that part of the process. i love that i can buy them pre-cut and then i can enjoy sewing the quilt myself. it's always a good thing when you can pay someone to do something you hate. now if only i could afford a maid - my bathrooms need cleaning.