sewing for your toddler

i wanted to make mackenzie a new skirt last night. i should have known not to start a project when it's 9:00pm, i'm tired, still sick, my husband has been working what seems like an endless amount of overtime and my daughter has the croup. but i did start one? yes, i did and i don't know how i managed to finish it.

i am a beginner sewer. i am a knitting addict who recently decided to branch out and learn how to sew. i was too lazy to get a pattern out last night and instead winged it. the funny thing is that i never learn that winging it is sometimes a bad thing. for some reason i completely forgot to change the color of the thread in my bobbin - hello? i don't know if there is an excuse for that one. i ended up sewing half of the skirt hem with the wrong color. yep, it sucked. i had to rip it out. i should have given up at that point, but i decided to persevere and man, was it worth it.

the skirt isn't fantastic, nor is it perfect, but who cares? mackenzie's face this morning when she woke up to the new skirt was soooo worth all the angst. sewing for a toddler is the best feeling in the world. they show their true emotions on those precious little faces and it just warms your soul from head to toe. cutest part was she threw that skirt on right over top her hippo ballerina jammies and started dancing around.

reason for this post? to remind myself not to forget to change the bobbin color (which i am sure i will do again) and that learning to sew is so worth it.