special delivery

it's a good day when the mailman comes bearing gifts!
much to our delight this morning a big parcel arrived filled with some cute valentine's day gifts from my mom for mackenzie but also filled with this:
i am so friggin excited! i called my omi a few weeks ago after hunting for months online for a chinook sweater pattern! she has made them for all the grandchildren and for my folks and i thought she might still have the pattern kicking around. silly of me not to try her first because low and behold she still had it! but what i didn't expect is she still had the wool to make them!!! it's gorgeous, i just want to sit and pet it. i am in love with it and cannot wait to start!!!! don't you just love grandma's????

my day also contained alot of this:

can't beat an afternoon playing at the park with good friends! those smiles on mackenzie's and her buddy sadie's faces are contagious.