sick of my fuse box

i hate where the fuse box is in our soon as you walk in the door - it's literally directly above the console table. a giant eyesore! it's one of the first things you see.

jeremy and i have been toying with what to do to cover it since we moved in way back in august 08. i was tempted to slap on some material or funky wrapping paper and kind of frame it out, but just never found what i was looking for.

then one week, months ago, i found an old cupboard door at the bottom of someones driveway waiting to go out with the trash. i took it. yep. i grabbed that sucker and brought it home with me.

i cleaned it, scrubbed it, wiped it and shined that puppy up. the colors of the door are the exact color of our paint on the walls, the exact size of our fuse box & the light blue was the perfect match for our dining room. i knew it was fate. it called out to me when i walked by and i just can't seem to resist things that i get "that feeling" about.

at first i was tempted to take the hinges off the sides, but once hanging i decided to leave them on. (also they looked like a damn pain in the a** to remove) it has taken me a while to figure out how to hang it over the fuse box without it sticking out to far from the wall. but i managed to root through my tool/hardware bag and found some short, thick hook and eye screws and whammed those puppies on and hung the door.

i like it. i may still change it up if i find a wrapping paper design i love along the way, but i will still keep that door. i wish the photos were better, but there is literally no light over there to show it's true colors.

funny thing is, after all that work, jeremy still hasn't noticed it is on the wall....hahaha, that's men for ya. (sorry babe)