goop and spain - on the road again

i was reading angry chicken last night, in the dark of course (earth hour) and saw her mention about goop. goop is a blog by none other than gwyneth paltrow. goop is essentially a blog of newsletters that's emailed out once a week, that share her recipes, her personal travel notes, advice, exercise tips, clothes and much more. all i can say is wow. there is a lot of interesting and wonderful things to be found in some of these newsletters. some of the recipes were to die for and i especially loved her latest newsletter for the section BE on parenting. qwyenth posed a great a question and some wonderful women shared their thoughts and wisdom, one of whom is Cynthia Bourgeault, who amongst other things, is a principal visiting teacher for the contemplative society here in victoria, bc. it's worth a read - click here to check it out.

speaking of gwyneth, um, have i mentioned my absolute adoration for "spain - on the road again"? love, love, love this show. i cannot get enough of it. it makes my whole soul hurt with longing to be in that convertible squashed between gwynnie and mario, travelling across spain - eating! please, gwen, if you ever read this, can i come? i won't make any noise, ok, well, maybe sometimes, but i promise to be quiet and stay in the background, i just really, really want to go to spain. what a life she has. the scenery enough would make me think i had died and gone to heaven.

i catch this show in the late hours of the night when my daughter decides not to sleep, or i can't sleep, one or the other, and then stay up even later because i can't bear to miss another minute of the deliciousness of this fabulously warmhearted and funny show. i then bore poor jeremy with my long winded memories of the episodes i catch on pbs late night and try to remember if it was real or if i was dreaming? it's that beautfiul. check it out. you can find the website here and if the show isn't enough to whet your appetite they have a book and dvd as well.