how to sew your own hooded bath towel

(image make and takes)

do you love snuggling your little one up in a hooded towel after a bath? we do and our daughter loves it. she loves being cuddled and swaddled just like when she was a baby. my hubby sometimes thinks otherwise though, he's still suffering from the shock of the time she pooed all over him (she was an infant) after he got caught up in how cute she looked in her little towel in his arms and forgot to put the diaper on right away. classic new parent mistake. worst part was, in my normal behaviour to this kind of incident, instead of helping him, i laughed hysterically and got a picture of the incident. i know, i know, but seriously, who wouldn't have done that? after all the things mothers have to go through, i needed to record one of the few times my husband actually had to suffer :)

here's the pic of "the incident":

(meanwhile jer is covered in baby poop)

if you want to try your hand at making your very own hooded bath towel head on over to make and takes for the tutorial. i want one big enough for me! do you think jer would swaddle me up in a hooded towel if i asked him nicely....