diy indoor clothesline

ahhhhh, the smell of clothes fresh off the line that were hung outside to dry. i love that smell. it reminds me of my omi, who whenever she can, hangs her clothes on the line in the backyard. there is nothing better than slipping into a bed covered in sheets that just came off the line - heavenly.

we live in an apartment - thus no clothesline. apartment therapy just posted a great idea on how to create your own clothesline inside your rental or apartment without too much fuss or moula. i think this is a wonderful idea. i can't stand those horrible drying racks that break and bend and take up wasted space when you aren't using them. why not have a try at hanging a line inside? may not smell like fresh air, but it will be a lot fresher than the dryer and more eco-friendly. click here for the tutorial.