make your own dust mitt & swiffer cover

image courtesy we wilsons

we wilsons has a kick ass tutorial for making your own dust mitt. we don't use any chemical cleaners in our house and make our own cleaners whenever possible. we also use antibacterial cloths for cleaning and dusting that we can simply put in the wash after using a few times so i love the idea of this dust mitt!

we wilsons also links over to this great project idea if you happen to be a swiffer lover. merwing shows you how to make your own swiffer cover and duster. you can find the tutorial here.

it seems like as soon as spring comes, the dust just seems to multiply and peek it's ugly head out from under that cloud of winter darkness. i will definitely be turning some of our old clothes into cleaners. so turn on your favorite cleaning album and let's kick some dust bunny ass!

(via craft)