march is national crochet month

march is national crochet month and i thought i would start celebrating by posting a pattern for a cute baby headband from my ravelry projects.

i used to be a hairdresser and was finding myself itching for the moment when my little baby girl’s hair would grow in. in the meantime, i found myself searching for cute hair accessories to bide the time. when i couldn't find any i decided to whip something up myself.

i remembered learning how to make these flowers when i first started to learn crochet. i simply crocheted a chain of stitches to fit the size of her head and then attached the following crocheted flower pattern:


Chain 7.

Join with a sl st to the first stitch in your chain to form a ring.

Chain 2, dc, tc, dc, sl st repeat 5 times around.

(Sl st: insert hook in stitch, yarn over, draw through loop on hook)

Finishing - Weave in one end and use the other to create a bar across the centre of the flower to loop the chain through.

My daughter now has hair, but it’s still fun to slip this on now and then.

if you are looking to pick up crocheting it's a fun and addicting hobby. my favorite thing to crochet is blankets. after a bad breakup i crocheted myself a blanket super long to tuck up and under my legs but only wide enough for one person. i called it my single lady blankie and it reminded me whenever i used it that i was worth more and deserved to be treated better. i didn't need a man to cuddle with when i had my super cozy blanket.

here are some links to help you learn crochet:

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and just to make crocheting that much more fun take a look at these yummy crochet hook rolls by hi-howareyou you can find her etsy shop here.