sisters are the best

mackenzie made her play ring around the rosie more times than i can count - thank god for aunties

i thankfully live in the same city as my baby sister. she saves me on a regular basis. i have tried luring her to my home more days than i can count with promises of a salary bigger than her current job will pay her, just to save me. she always declines, but she does come save me. once a week.

i truly look forward to my thursday afternoon visits from her. her company is great, we get along well and mackenzie adores her, but to me it means a shower, a chance to do chores - like today i cleaned 2 bathrooms, getting dinner prepped without a bored toddler pulling down my pants yelling "mommy, mommy", and oh, did i mention a shower? i actually get time to comb my hair and clean myself - yes, sisters are a wonderful thing.

this is what i found in mackenzie's jogging stroller as cami was leaving. that darn elmo....