the computer crashed

this is what happened to me today:

day 230: sitting. waiting. wishing.
by: meridith farmer

if this is the only post up for the day you know it's due to my computer feeling under the weather. right now i am rigged up on our old, old labtop that has literally been lying in it's computer graveyard. it's loving me enough to let me type this, but as i near the end of this post, i can hear it wheezing and huffing, preparing to just shut off. it had a good life. (if you see copious amounts of grammar and weird layout problems in this post, it wasn't me. every time the post does it save backup, the labtop moves my cursor and messes everything up. i think i typed this rant faster than anything i have ever typed before - all to beat the dying of the labtop with seconds to spare.)

not sure why our computer is disagreeing with me today, but i am hoping that you don't actually have to read this post. if you are, know that i am doing all i can to get our computer back up and posts online. it sure does make you realize how much you depend on your computer when you don't have it. i felt a bit off kilter all day and kept thinking of all the the things i needed to get done that involved a computer that i couldn't do. i am not sure if that is entirely a great feeling - but on the plus side, i finally found the time to paint my toenails. for some reason i can't stand having naked toenails (must be the hairdresser in me) and it sure felt good to actually paint them and my fingernails to boot!

what do you guys think? have any of you had your computer go bonkers and found yourself feeling lost and weirdly dependent on a machine?