mommyhood moment - wishes coming true

yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. it was a grey, muggy day in a week of sunshine and it seems like forever since my hubby has had a day off, which left mackenzie and i feeling bored and restless. the computer crashed and when i did get online on our old dying labtop i got some exciting news! my dress "in bloom" that was made from a men's dress shirt (post here) made it on "one pretty thing" in the daily diy and also on craftzine's blog! a big thank you to both rachel's! needless to say i was overjoyed and it was very exciting.

thank you all for your wonderful comments on the dress. it has been so nice to hear. i am just learning to sew and have been winging it and learning as i go, so to have you all give positive feedback means the world to me. a lot of people requested a tutorial for the dress and i am happy to say that i am going to give it a shot. a friend mentioned to me that i can't be the only new sewer out there and that it may be nice to see a tutorial made in "newbie sewer" terminology - if there is such a thing. so stay tuned for my first tutorial in the newbie sewer series :)

needle and thread by incurable hippie

**new today - a big thank you to Chrissy for featuring us on One Crafty Place!

and thank you to anne for featuring us on craft gossip - wow! so exciting!