excited to see her nana & opa!

this was mackenzie's face when i told her my mom/dad are going to be here to visit in 1 day. we are so excited, we are both bouncing off the walls. i am very close with my folks and haven't seen them since last summer. needless to say, we are super happy they are coming to visit.

my posts may be a bit sporadic due to the fact that i am preparing to attach myself to my parents and not let go until they leave in 2 weeks. hopefully you will all stick with me, as i will still be posting, things may just be up at different times. with jer working so much overtime, my folks are that life preserver that i have been needing to make it through these last few rough weeks of tax season.

are any of you out there in a relationship with an accountant? i would love to hear from you. i think there should be a support group for us accountant wives, don't you agree?