how to make a photo lantern

oh how i wish i had a backyard when i see projects like this. i guess i could make these and hang them from my balcony, but it just isn't the same vibe. don't get me wrong though, i am happy to even have a balcony, but i won't deny the fact that i long for my own yard to sit in at night and lounge with my hubby with a nice glass of wine on a summer evening, c'mon now.

we are on the hunt right now for the perfect deck furniture and i have my heart set on a comfy two seater so mack and i can have lunches and snuggle out there. i picked up some rowdy, loud, bright pink, retro flower fabric, for like a dollar at the local flea market, and i am dying to make some pillows for out there. gotta add some color to the neighbourhood, not that many will see it as we are on the top floor.

you can find the tutorial for this gorgeous photo lantern by livi kanaley of "a field journal" over on the fabulous decor8 blog. click here for the how to. if any of you decide to make these, let me know, i would love to at least bask in a photo of your summer backyard glory even if i can't have mine - yet :)