view from the mommyhood - goat leapfrog

awww, look at all those cute goats. so innocent and docile. ya right! what may look like a sweet pic is actually hilarious. this is another one of the many petting zoo pics i am sure to post this week and it is probably my favorite. we had a good laugh at another woman's expense that day, sorry lady, whomever you are, but it was too funny not to laugh at you.

at the local petting zoo you are allowed to go in and sit in a huge pile of goat droppings and brush the little guys. they are cute, but watch out, they aren't as lazy as the look. if you glance over at the top right hand corner of the picture you will see what i mean. that goat is just about ready to leapfrog right over that poor woman's head - and he just about did. i just happened to glance over and see the little bugger take a running leap for it and pounce right onto the unsuspecting mom's back. meanwhile the hubby came running to the rescue and grabbed that little pouncer right off the top of her head and i mean top of her head. it was priceless. one of those - you had to be there to see it moments.

when we left the zoo, i was wishing i had a picture of it. i got home and uploaded my gazillion photos and realized after the second look through that i actually did. funny thing was i was laughing so hard, i don't even remember having the camera up and aimed at the victim of the goat leapfrog. poor lady. all i can say is, don't ever turn your back on a goat and definitely, definitely, don't ever sit down in a goat pen. they'll jump you those goats, without a second glance, because one goat is not enough for a frolicking fun game of leapfrog.

do any of you have a petting zoo tale to tell?