father's day is coming up right around the corner and who need another cheesy father's day gift? nevertheless another tie? why not make your hubby a father's day gift this year he can use. 

let's admit it; most men nowadays have a cell phone, camera, iPod that they are using. they may also have a lot of ties kicking around. so instead of buying yet another tie for father's day this year, why not refashion one he doesn't wear anymore?

what's great is this project involves only a little bit of sewing, some fun seam ripping (the kids love this) and dad can use it as a functioning gift. you're helping the environment by reusing and refashioning an article of clothing in your home and also being easy on your wallet.

remember to let your little one's pick out the tie and be part of the fun. they love to help hold the thread, watch you use your scissors, and be part of the overall magic when making gifts that are handmade for ones they love. so go raid the closets, dig through your donation pile, or head on down to your local thrift store, find a fun and funky patterned tie - this is one project that is sure to be lots of fun.

some crafts make use of craft supplies most households have lying around, but we are going to present you with crafts that use things you have lying around but have not thought of for creating new items from. get ready to raid the donation pile before taking it to the thrift store (or even your husband's closet while he is at work - but don't tell him we put you up to it) and start showing some creativity.

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click here for the dad's tie to gadget case tutorial in downloadable pdf format.

have fun and make sure to add your pics to our flickr group! we love to see what you are making!