moments in the mommyhood - daddytime

jer and mackenzie had some daddytime on the weekend. now i will be the first to admit i sometimes get jealous of how much mack is a daddy's girl. i can't blame her though, my hubby is a lot of fun, but sometimes i wish i was the favorite. any of you know what i mean?

during the week she can't wait for the weekend so she get's her daddytime at the park or other fun places these two go on adventures to. this last weekend they hit up the baseball field. my hubby grew up playing ball and he is training mack already. i do have to say we think she already has quite the throwing arm...but then, we are her parents. she has never watched live baseball before, only on tv with him, so this was quite the treat for her. she picked up those ball players moves so fast and hasn't stopped imitating them at home. her little wiggle of the hips before she swings is priceless.

sometimes i wonder about the things these two get into when i'm not there that they aren't telling me about. jer always says, "we'll be gone an hour" and they are gone 2 and when i ask for the lowdown on their outing, he says "a little of this and a little of that". cmon now, i want in on the action. i find myself torn a lot between needing a break from the little one and then feeling sad because i miss out on all the fun.

it sure is fun hearing about their adventures though (those of which they will tell me about), and seeing the surprise photos that end up at home along with the grass stained clothes and secret giggles. ahhh, the joys of parenting :)